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SALT LAKE CITY — Getting dinner on the table doesn't have to be time consuming or complicated. With a little prep and some hands-off time in the oven, sheet pan dinners can be your new best friend.

What exactly are sheet pan dinners? Essentially, they are one-pot meals on a sheet pan. Here are just a few reasons why they're so great:

  • Easy clean up. All you’ve got is one pan to wash!
  • Hands-off cooking. No need to babysit a pot or skillet on the stove. Let the oven do all the cooking while you relax.
  • They’re versatile. You can cook so many different proteins — such as chicken, pork, beef, eggs, tofu and more — as well as an even bigger variety of vegetables and fruits.
  • Easily swap ingredients. If you don't like an ingredient or don't have it on hand, you can easily swap it for another. Don’t like asparagus and sweet potatoes? Switch them for some green beans and baby red potatoes!

Some quick tips for making sheet pan dinners:

  • When possible, mix everything on the sheet pan — protein, veggies, oil, seasonings and anything else you’re cooking. This saves having to wash an extra bowl.
  • Add some ingredients at different times. Depending on what you are cooking, some ingredients will take longer to cook than others. For example, potatoes (depending on their size) take about 30 minutes to bake at 400°F, but asparagus only takes 10 to 15 minutes. Start with the slowest-cooking ingredient, then add ingredients that cook faster later on.
  • Rotate your sheet pan or mix the ingredients halfway through baking for even cooking.

Now that you know why sheet pan dinners are so awesome and have some tips to get you started, here are 20 easy and nutritious family-friendly sheet pan dinners created by registered dietitians to help solve the age old question of, "What's for dinner?".

(Photo: Shannon Garcia)

A family favorite just got better. These little meat loaves are simple to put together. Toss some veggies on the sheet pan and you have dinner.

(Photo: Lindsey Janeiro)

Craving some fall flavors? In this sheet pan dinner, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash and dried cranberries pair perfectly with chicken sausage, all drizzled with a tangy honey mustard dressing.

(Photo: Rachael Hartley)

A bright and fresh green chutney and cucumber yogurt raita pack a punch of flavor, especially when paired with the tandoori spiced chicken and veggies.

(Photo: Andrea Mathis)

Skip the takeout and make this delicious dinner at home any night of the week. Serve it as-is or place it over rice or quinoa.

(Photo: Shahzadi Devje)

This healthy and flavorful recipe results in a flaky and juicy fish and is on the table in just 20 minutes.

(Photo: Sarah Schlichter)

With the best shrimp marinade you’ll ever find, this is a sheet pan dinner that has a healthy blend of protein and veggies. As a bonus, it’s a quick and easy meal for busy nights.

(Photo: Kelly Jones)

Add some plant-based protein to dinner with this delicious vegan sheet pan dinner that you can whip up in no time.

(Photo: Brittany Poulson)

Don’t slave over the stove cooking fajitas. Instead, let the oven do all the cooking. Dress your fajitas with your choice of toppings for a filling meal.

(Photo: Karman Meyer)

Date night in? This tasty sheet pan tenderloin and veggies dinner is sure to impress.

(Photo: Maggie Farley)

If you’re looking for a yummy and balanced dinner with a lean protein, starch and veggies, then look no further. The honey mustard sauce tops it all for a flavor-packed meal.

(Photo: Rebecca Clyde)

Enjoy chicken, bacon and fall veggies without much effort with this simple sheet pan dinner. Rebecca’s expert tip: placing bacon on top of the chicken helps keep it moist and juicy.

(Photo: Toby Amidor)

Add some zest to dinner with this lemony chicken sheet pan dinner. With simple ingredients, this sweet and savory meal comes together after just 15 minutes of prep.

(Photo: Rachael Hartley)

Simplify stir-fry by making it on a sheet pan. This fruity stir-fry balances sweet, savory, tart, salty, spicy and umami flavors all in one. Serve over brown rice to complete your meal.

(Photo: Chelsey Amer)

Enjoy a Mexican-inspired meal that’s simple, delicious and nutritious. Portobello mushrooms offer the perfect meaty bite for a plant-based dinner.

(Photo: Maria Adams)

Enjoy the natural flavors of fish, potatoes and veggies in this sheet pan meal. Its simple seasonings bring out the best in each ingredient. Add some Swedish rye crispbread with cheese or hummus if you want to add more to your dinner.

(Photo: Judy Barbe)

Pork’s mild flavor pairs well with juicy blueberries, giving you sweetness, a pop of color and a boost of antioxidants and fiber.

(Photo: Sarah Schlichter)

This easy, cheesy vegetarian nachos recipe makes a quick, delicious pantry meal. Customize your toppings to your liking for a personalized meal.

(Photo: Andrea Mathis)

Lean pork chops, sweet potatoes and apples go together perfectly in this complete and balanced sheet pan dinner, with the honey glaze adding a warm sweetness to the dish.

(Photo: Jodi Danen)

This easy and hearty sheet pan dinner uses pre-packaged chicken sausage links and fresh vegetables to get a nutritious dinner on the table in just 20 minutes.

(Photo: Andrea D'Ambrosio)

Classic Mediterranean flavors shine in this versatile and savory plant-forward dinner. Use any veggies you have on hand to make this dinner your own.

Brittany Poulson

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Brittany Poulson is a Utah registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator. She shares her passion for health, food and nutrition on her blog, https://ift.tt/2du6OCh, where she encourages you to live a healthy life in your unique way.

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